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Recently self-employed workers who are working at home are on the increase. Many business managers might be considering introducing various groupware to collaborate while communicating with people at long distances and to work efficiently. Connecting with Facebook Workplace and G Suite, workers can organize events, schedule management, data sharing and account management by unique domain using G Suite. In this course you can learn how to share information among coworkers or other companies. Y’z Portfolio also plans six courses including movie production of recipes. If you are interested in groupware or want to know the details of new courses, please contact Y’zPortfolio from inquiries on the top tab. * These courses are Japanese language only.

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(日本語) 申込からコンサルティングの流れ2020/08/09ver.

(日本語) 2020年度講習リーフレット 2020/08/09ver.

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