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【About Media Language Laboratory】

Media Language Laboratory” which is a language learning tool for TOEFL ibt is a web application by using digital media. Language Learners can use it anytime, anywhere with PC, smartphone, and tablet. It’s very useful eLearning tools language learners will never choose devices. You can learn anytime, anywhere you want to learn the language with your devices. So no waste of times for learning the language by using it. This is a most important reason why “Media Language Laboratory” is the recommendation tool for TOEFL ibt takers.
Besides, the contents of this app are from “Preparation for TOEFL ibt” by ETS.

Media Language Laboratory

Media Language Laboratory


*When you use it on PC, please download Adobe Flash Player before using it. When you use the smartphone, tablet, iPhone or iPad, please use,  Puffin browser. You can use Firefox browser which downloaded Flash player app for Android.

Application Development

(日本語) 申込からコンサルティングの流れ2020/08/09ver.

(日本語) 2020年度講習リーフレット 2020/08/09ver.

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