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Procedure up to consulting

1.Please download『The Agreement of Terms and Conditions for the website and Guideline for Privacy』from left column and read it before the contract.

2.When you or your company agree with it, please send attachment of signed Agreement of “Terms of service of Web site and handling Privacy Policy”  from Facebook Messenger.
3.After we received the agreement you sent, we’ll response from Facebook Messenger.
4.Please choose any course you want to take from “Appointment of IT consulting” in the left side column. 
5.We will send you message from Facebook Messenger as soon as payment is confirmed.
6.Before starting your course, we offer one free practice lesson for using Net Meeting Applications such as G+Hangouts, Skype and Zoom. Before taking free lesson, please watch YouTube video titled “How to use Google+ Hangout”, ” How to screen sharing by using Skype” and “How to use Zoom”.

*Now preparing for Skype and Zoom tutorials.


Payment is Paypal, LINE Pay and Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and Ethereum). Please note that only people who live in Japan can take our courses. And only Yen is available. We’ll response you the confirmation from Facebook Messenger as soon as we confirmed your payments. If you couldn’t get any message more than two days over, please ask us by Facebook Messenger, phone, G+Hangouts, Skype and Zoom. When you cancel each consulting, refund will be reflected immediately through Paypal system.
*When you payed by LINE Pay or cryptocurrencies, please ask from Facebook Messenger. If you want to pay by other cryptocurrencies, please ask from Facebook Messenger.

申し込みからコンサルティング・公開講習の流れ 01/02/2018 ver.

申し込みからコンサルティング・公開講習の流れ 01/02/2018 ver.

[ Updated 01/05/2019 ]



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