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Details of IT Consulting

* I’ve worked on the planning and production of online courses by using Hangouts since 2012, but I’m going to change to online course. In online media consulting, clients can know more details of each course and actual operation on screen sharing. Online Consulting which uses by GoogleMeet, Skype and Zoom are also available. Please ask through Facebook Messenger.

Consulting details are below.

[ Online Settlement Consulting ]

(1) Introducing Online Settlement System
○Paypal, LINE Pay, Cryptocurrencies and more.

(2) Introducing Blockchain Business
○How to Introduce Blockchain in your company’s business
○About Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

(3) How to use group meeting tools and groupware
○GoogleMeet, Zoom, Skype, Slack, Chatwork, GitHub

[ Online Media Consulting]

WordPress Courses, Social Media Marketing Courses, Images and Movies Editing and Online Media Planning and Producing Courses are available. Now accepting reservation for each Group Courses and Private Courses. Online Consulting which uses by GoogleMeet, Skype and Zoom are also available.  Please ask through Facebook Messenger.

(1) Facebook Business Manager related courses

(2) Google Analytics related courses

(3) Google AdWords related courses

(4) YouTube marketing business related courses

・YouTube Channel produce

(5) The courses “Distributing images and movies by Pinterest and Instagram”

・Beginners course of Social Media Marketing for e-commerce

・Engaging new customers of your business by using Social Media settings

(6) “WordPress business use” related courses

(7)”Digital media planning and production” related courses


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Application Development


2020年度講習のご案内 2020/08/10 ver.



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