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2019 course of the theme is “Living with Social Media!”. Recently, we can find out many kinds of remittance functions on social media. Friends and acquaintances can immediately pay each others in the cache-less. Besides, there is no hassle of carrying with it and it is possible to put out to household account book apps.
In addition, encryption assets seem often to be used in small remittance (Depending on cryptocurrencies, It’s free of charge.) because of transfer fee is very cheap. We will introduce many useful functions of Social Media and web apps that can be used to shorten work time and simplify workflow by using social media that has taken root in daily life.
“Social media settlement training” is courses which course takers can learn remittance function of Social Media using bank accounts or PayPal. In the “How to introduce Cryptographic Assets” course, course takers can learn how to acquire cryptographic assets, how to send and receive money, how to manage them, and how to read white papers. Encryption assets in accordance with the various use purposes, has been developed by using the encrypted payment and remittance technology. Many kinds of encryption assets, are operated along the report of the IT technology reports and economic effect which is called White Paper. In the course “Taking advantage of Net meeting” build the latest work environment on the computer. Course takers can learn the cloud functions which leads to an improvement of the efficiency and productivity of work such as Screen Share.

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