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“Y’z Portfolio” introduces new project, “Airdrop & Bounty Info.”. “Airdrop” is free present of the cryptocurrency for pre-sale promotion of ICO. And the reward which uses Social Media such as “Facebook, Twitter, Bitcointalk, Reddit, YouTube and Medium” is called “Bounty”. If you were interested in “Airdrop and Bounty”, please contact from Facebook Messenger in the under right corner.


Application Development


2020年度講習のご案内 2020/08/10 ver.

Social Media Logo 2020-2

Social Media Logo 2020-2

Introducing Lecturer

【IT Consultant & eLearning Tool Developer】

(日本語) Facebookからのソーシャルメディア決済及びブロックチェーンコンサルティングご予約


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