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【About sending consent form】
Accepting to receive consent form by email has started since May 5th 2017.
Please email to ““. InMail is also available.

【About Reservation and Payment system】

Paypal settlement is supported from reservation system for tuition. A Paypal account is required at the time of reservation. Those who do not have a Paypal account can also pay by credit card. Payment will be made on Paypal at the time of each course reservation, and then the course reservation will be completed.  Refunds will be reflected immediately after cancellation through the Paypal system. Cancellation fee will not be issued if it is less than one week prior to the booking date. If cancellation is less than one week, 30% cancellation fee will be charged.
* If you change the reservation for our convenience, no cancellation fee will be incurred.

Please read “Act On the Specified Commercial Transaction

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(日本語) 申し込みからコンサルティング・公開講習受講までの流れ 01/02/2018 ver.

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