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Happy New Year! 

Various online payments appeared in 2018, and I tried to find which direction towards Japanese cashless society. In overseas articles, I often saw the cryptographic currency, but in Japan the point system has developed and spread, so I actually decided to incorporate both in settlement. As for social media in Japan many people use LINE, so it seems easy to use as a smartphone settlement so I decided to take “LINE Pay” settlement. Although there may be few users in Japan, Paypal is major in oversea online payment. Therefore, we decided to introduce Paypal integrated with the appointment system, but any clients have not used it yet. Since the sharp rise of Bitcoin in 2017, the encryption currency is handled as investment target. I don’t know whether the cryptocurrency appropriate as settlement yet. As I looked up the cryptocurrency, I found out that it was drawing attention as a settlement of a social problem-solving. I’ve rarely seen “ICO (Initial Coin Offering by Encryption Currency)” in Japanese economic articles. I’m not sure how difference between Japanese use and overseas use such as how to use of IT technology or a different way of thinking about encryption currency. In 2018 I became crazy about reading white papers which is cryptocurrency planning documents and technical documents. Besides, I’ve been eager with collecting Airdrops which are free distribution of ICO. I am very interested in cryptocurrency as settlement method for social problems solving. So I would like to invite all of you to know ICO. Then I decided to introduce cryptocurrency settlement and explanation of ICO in consulting in 2019. And some of social medias which cryptomania often use are rare for Japanese. Common Japanese will not use them except IT Engineers. We also introduce them.

* I’ve worked on the planning and production of online courses by using Hangouts since 2012, but I’m going to change to Udemy from G+ Hangout online course. In online media consulting, clients can know more details of each course and actual operation on screen sharing.


2017 is only four days left. Everyone will be busy days for preparing new year coming. How have you been for recent days? Y’z portfolio released new schedule.
I’m sorry for delay about the notification of the schedule of the first half of next year.
In the first half of next year, we schedule some new lessons which is included how to introduce encryption currency settlement for Internet shopping and e-learning website.

This year was said to be the first year of encryption currency in Japan.
The market started to rise sharply as soon as the encryption currency began to act as money in Japan. In the future, the number of encryption currency settlement will be increased sharply in Japan. Because encryption currency can be integrated cost reduction of remittance fee and asset management for dealings with overseas.

US $, Japanese Yen, and encryption currency are also able to see pair transactions well in FX (Foreign Exchange) dealing site.
We will also introduce Meta Trader which is the FX (Foreign Exchange) automatic trading application that aims to raise the profit, so please inquire.

Also, in online media course for people who manage with a small business offers these lessons such as how to use software of video and photo, e-learning planning and production, picking up some particular words in the white paper of ICO and how to make Facebook applications.
* These lessons are only Japanese.

Online Media Course schedule in the first half of 2018 / 2018年上半期のオンラインメディアコーススケジュール

Online Media Course schedule in the first half of 2018 / 2018年上半期のオンラインメディアコーススケジュール

2018年上半期のITコンサルティングスケジュール/ IT consulting schedule in the first half of 2018

2018年上半期のITコンサルティングスケジュール/ IT consulting schedule in the first half of 2018


Updated the new schedule in the second half of 2017. “IT business marketing (technical edition)” (every Saturday from 15: 00-16: 30), “WordPress for advanced users”(every Friday from 13:00 to 14:30) and “E-commerce with Yahoo auctions”(Every Friday from 18: 30-20: 00) have been newly added. Online media courses were completely revised for e-learning content producers and language learning teaching material producers. Currently, development with using Adobe Flash is the main course, but we will change the development environment while incorporating the desires of those who wish to attend, so please inquire. These courses are Japanese only.

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