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Online Consulting Guidelines

«To those who get online consulting»

(1)There is a case which we refuse to consult against clients disturbed the net meeting. In that case, refund of consulting fee is not possible, so please be forewarned.

(2) We will refuse sales or solicitation of goods and services during the net meeting.

(3) With regard to the private involvement of Net Meeting among clients, we will not interfere at all outside of class hours. But if clients had behaved slander against us, we will not accept future attendance and behave circumstances legal respond.

(4) Though we will not refund when the problem caused of the connection environment of the Internet , we will set up clients account for no charge except consulting fee. And we will give references which we plan to use in consulting. 

(5)We recommend to complete for setting up Internet connection till 10 min before the net meeting.

(6) Please note that it is possibility applications may not be available when clients participate from tablets or smartphones.

(7) If there are any items to describe besides the above, we will add it so please check often.

2019/01/05 ver.

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