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Y’z Portfolio (Y’z Portfolio) proposes total e-Learning system such as curriculum design, content creation and online payment method. Main courses which you can take with e-learning are social media marketing related courses and online media teaching material production courses. Many people use our language learning applications of and video clip e-Learning contents.

Internet technology has been changing world day by day and it will continue to change into new technology every 3 to 5 year cycle. Y’z Portfolio aims to provide courses which people can acquire skills through e-Learning depending on new technologies change. We organized each course so that you can gain new skills while learning English that is actually used in social media marketing and online media production. No matter what course you are taking, you can absolutely acquire new technology among 90 minutes in one course. Small business managers and corporate marketing staffs who are our main targeting course takers can master skills to manage new Internet advertisements technology. Besides, we added new classes to create teaching materials using digital media for e-learning content producers and language teachers. You can learn online media production in Japanese. Technology and knowledge will be established and learners will be encouraged to aim at more advanced technology acquisition through level-specific proficiency tests after taking each course.

Please take courses by using Hangouts to those who hesitate to use English for gaining new skills, who wants to work IT job with using Japanese, or who is not good at PC. We also accept for company visit of every course, e-learning system introduction advice and e-learning content planning production, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

【Founding】 March 1, 2017
* We updated the consent form on Agreement of “Terms of service of website and handling Privacy Policy” and the online course application on June 28, 2017.

* Japanese speakers might be better for taking courses. 


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